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Electrical Wires

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Hdhmr Board

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Red Bricks

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Wall Putty

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Welcome to Constructify, your one-stop solution for all your building materials needs. We are a trusted name in the construction industry, providing a comprehensive range of top-quality products to meet the demands of your projects, whether big or small. With a steadfast commitment to quality, service, and innovation, we have earned the trust of builders, contractors, and homeowners alike.

When it comes to building materials, we have the expertise and products you can rely on. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs, request a quote, or seek advice from our experts. We look forward to being a part of your next successful construction venture.

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Rope 50 Meter

5500 4250 /50meter


Panel 10watt Round Square

400 300 /Piece

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Panel 15watt Round Square

470 390 /Piece

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Virgo Croma 19mm

95 90 /sqft

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Virgo Croma 12mm

70 65 /sqft

07112023021321_images (1).jpeg

Virgo Croma 9mm

60 55 /sqft

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Virgo Croma 6mm

50 45 /sqft


Rope 50 Meter

7000 5750 /50meter

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